Where Can I Find The Best Spots For Live Comedy Shows In Philadelphia?

If you’re in Philadelphia and in need of a good laugh, look no further! The City of Brotherly Love is home to an impressive comedy scene, with numerous venues showcasing hilarious talent from both local comedians and big-name acts. From cozy comedy clubs to trendy performance spaces, Philadelphia has something for everyone. So, grab your friends, prepare to be entertained, and get ready to discover the best spots for live comedy shows in the City of Brotherly Love. Look no further! In this article, we’ll explore the top comedy clubs in Philadelphia, alternative venues for live comedy, college campus comedy shows, comedy open mic nights, comedy shows in bars and restaurants, comedy festivals in Philadelphia, comedy shows at theaters and performing arts venues, comedy shows at casinos and entertainment venues, comedy shows at music venues, and comedy shows at nightclubs and bars. So whether you’re a local or just visiting the city of brotherly love, you’re sure to find some laughter and good times at these incredible comedy spots.

Where Can I Find The Best Spots For Live Comedy Shows In Philadelphia?

The Best Comedy Clubs in Philadelphia

Helium Comedy Club

Helium Comedy Club is one of the most popular comedy clubs in Philadelphia. Known for bringing in top-notch talent from all over the country, Helium offers a wide variety of shows throughout the week. From established comedians to up-and-coming acts, you can always expect a great night of laughter at Helium. Make sure to check out their open mic nights, where you might just witness the birth of the next big comedy star!

Punch Line Philly

Punch Line Philly is another fantastic comedy club that should be at the top of your list. Located in the heart of Center City, this venue features both national headliners and local talent. With a spacious and intimate setting, Punch Line Philly offers an unforgettable experience for comedy lovers. Get ready to laugh until your sides hurt and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Good Good Comedy Theatre

Good Good Comedy Theatre provides a unique and alternative comedy experience in Philadelphia. This theater hosts a range of shows, workshops, and events that push the boundaries of traditional comedy. If you’re looking for something outside the box, Good Good Comedy Theatre is the place to be. Expect unconventional acts, experimental shows, and a whole lot of laughter in this creative space.

Alternative Venues for Live Comedy

The Raven Lounge

If you’re looking for a more intimate setting for your comedy fix, The Raven Lounge is the perfect spot. This cozy venue features a variety of shows, including open mic nights, improv performances, and stand-up comedy showcases. Get up close and personal with the comedians and immerse yourself in the vibrant comedy scene of Philadelphia.

Philadium Tavern

Philadium Tavern is not your typical comedy venue, but it’s definitely worth a visit. This sports bar turns into a comedy haven on select nights, creating a laid-back atmosphere where you can enjoy hilarious performances while sipping on your favorite drink. Gather your friends, grab a seat, and get ready for some side-splitting laughter at Philadium Tavern.


Ortlieb’s is a historic bar and music venue that occasionally hosts comedy shows. Known for its friendly vibe and welcoming atmosphere, this cozy spot offers a unique and enjoyable experience for comedy enthusiasts. Catch a show at Ortlieb’s and discover a hidden gem in the Philadelphia comedy scene.

Where Can I Find The Best Spots For Live Comedy Shows In Philadelphia?

College Campus Comedy Shows

University of Pennsylvania

The University of Pennsylvania has a thriving comedy scene that caters to both students and the local community. With student-run groups and regular comedy shows, this campus is a hub of comedic talent. From stand-up performances to improv troupes, you can find laughter around every corner at the University of Pennsylvania.

Drexel University

Drexel University is another excellent destination for comedy lovers. The campus features a range of comedy clubs and organizations that showcase the talents of Drexel students. Whether you’re a student looking to join a comedy group or an audience member seeking a good laugh, Drexel University is a must-visit spot for comedy in Philadelphia.

Temple University

Temple University’s comedy scene is alive and thriving. With dedicated comedy clubs and a plethora of comedy events, this campus is a hotbed of talent. Keep an eye out for student-produced comedy shows, open mic nights, and comedy festivals that highlight the humorous side of Temple University.

Comedy Open Mic Nights

Johnny Brenda’s

Johnny Brenda’s is not just a hip bar and music venue – it’s also home to some amazing comedy open mic nights. This popular spot attracts both aspiring comedians and seasoned performers, creating a supportive and vibrant atmosphere for laughter to thrive. Don’t miss the chance to witness some raw and unfiltered comedy talent at Johnny Brenda’s.

Fergie’s Pub

Fergie’s Pub is a Philadelphia institution known for its inviting ambiance, great food, and fantastic comedy open mic nights. Whether you’re a comedian looking to try out new material or an audience member searching for quality entertainment, Fergie’s Pub is a go-to spot for open mic comedy in the city.

The Grape Room

The Grape Room is not only a fantastic music venue but also hosts a regular comedy open mic night. This laid-back spot is perfect for comedians looking to test their jokes in front of a supportive crowd. Grab a drink, sit back, and enjoy a night of unpredictable and hilarious performances at The Grape Room.

Where Can I Find The Best Spots For Live Comedy Shows In Philadelphia?

Comedy Shows in Bars and Restaurants

Helium Comedy Club – Open Mic Night

Helium Comedy Club, known for its regular shows, also hosts open mic nights where aspiring comedians can showcase their talent. With a lively atmosphere and a mix of new and experienced performers, these open mic nights are a great platform to discover emerging acts or even try out your own comedic skills.

Fitler Club Comedy Night

Fitler Club is not just a private members-only club – it also features a comedy night that’s open to the public. With a luxurious setting and top-notch comedians, Fitler Club offers a high-class comedy experience like no other. So, why not treat yourself to an unforgettable evening of laughter at this upscale venue?

South Kitchen & Jazz Parlor

South Kitchen & Jazz Parlor is primarily known for its live jazz performances, but it also occasionally hosts comedy shows. This cozy venue provides a unique blend of comedy and music, creating an intimate and unforgettable experience. Enjoy a delicious meal, sip on a craft cocktail, and immerse yourself in the laughter-infused ambiance at South Kitchen & Jazz Parlor.

Comedy Festivals in Philadelphia

Philly Sketchfest

Philly Sketchfest is the place to be if you’re a fan of sketch comedy. This annual festival showcases the best in sketch comedy from both local and national acts. With multiple shows, workshops, and networking opportunities, Philly Sketchfest is a must-attend event for comedy enthusiasts who appreciate the art of sketch comedy.

Good Good Comedy Theatre’s Five Dollar Comedy Week

Good Good Comedy Theatre’s Five Dollar Comedy Week is a festival that focuses on affordability and accessibility. For an entire week, you can catch a wide range of comedy shows, including stand-up, improv, and sketch performances, all for just five dollars. This festival is a great opportunity to explore the diverse and talented comedy scene in Philadelphia without breaking the bank.

The Philly Comedy Showcase

The Philly Comedy Showcase is an annual event that brings together some of the funniest and most talented comedians in Philadelphia. This showcase features a variety of comedic styles, ensuring there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Laugh along with the audience and celebrate the local comedy scene at The Philly Comedy Showcase.

Where Can I Find The Best Spots For Live Comedy Shows In Philadelphia?

Comedy Shows at Theaters and Performing Arts Venues

The Wilma Theater

The Wilma Theater is known for its outstanding theatrical productions, but did you know they occasionally host comedy shows as well? This prestigious venue brings top comedy acts to the stage, creating a memorable experience for all in attendance. Treat yourself to a night of laughter and immerse yourself in this iconic theater’s rich comedic offerings.

Walnut Street Theatre

Walnut Street Theatre, a historic and renowned venue, occasionally features comedy shows alongside its stellar theatrical performances. Experience the perfect combination of laughter and entertainment at this impressive theater. Sit back, relax, and let the talented comedians take you on a hilarious journey at Walnut Street Theatre.


FringeArts is a hub for experimental and boundary-pushing performances, and comedy is no exception. This innovative venue hosts a mix of comedic acts that aren’t afraid to challenge the norms. If you’re looking for something outside the traditional comedy landscape, FringeArts is the place to be.

Comedy Shows at Casinos and Entertainment Venues

Valley Forge Casino Resort

Valley Forge Casino Resort offers more than just gambling – it’s also a destination for incredible comedy shows. With a spacious and welcoming theater, this venue attracts some of the biggest names in comedy. Laugh the night away and enjoy the excitement of the casino floor at Valley Forge Casino Resort.

The Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa

The Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa in Atlantic City is a short drive from Philadelphia and features a top-notch comedy club. Known for its luxurious accommodations and entertainment offerings, this venue ensures a night of laughter that you won’t soon forget. Plan a mini getaway and indulge in some side-splitting comedy at The Borgata.

SugarHouse Casino

SugarHouse Casino is not just for gaming enthusiasts – it’s also a fantastic spot for comedy shows. With a variety of performances that feature both established comedians and rising stars, SugarHouse Casino provides a memorable night out filled with laughter and excitement. Roll the dice and catch a comedy show at this lively casino venue.

Where Can I Find The Best Spots For Live Comedy Shows In Philadelphia?

Comedy Shows at Music Venues

Underground Arts

Underground Arts is primarily known as a music venue, but comedy shows often grace its stage as well. With a unique and lively atmosphere, this venue offers an unforgettable experience for comedy fans. Jam to your favorite tunes and laugh until your cheeks hurt at Underground Arts.

The Trocadero Theatre

The Trocadero Theatre is an iconic music and entertainment venue that occasionally features comedy shows. With a rich history and a capacity to host large audiences, this theater ensures a night of laughter and entertainment that’s hard to forget. Grab your tickets, find your seat, and prepare for an evening of hilarious performances at The Trocadero Theatre.

World Cafe Live

World Cafe Live is a renowned music venue that also incorporates comedy into its lineup. With an intimate setting and a welcoming ambiance, this spot offers a unique experience for comedy lovers. Enjoy great food, refreshing drinks, and an evening full of laughter at World Cafe Live.

Comedy Shows at Nightclubs and Bars


L’etage is a vibrant nightclub that occasionally hosts comedy shows, making it an excellent destination for a night out with friends. With a dynamic atmosphere and a mix of local and national comedians, L’etage guarantees a fun and laughter-filled experience. Dance, drink, and laugh until the early hours at this lively nightclub.

The Beury Building

The Beury Building, located in the heart of Philadelphia, is a multi-purpose venue that houses various events, including comedy shows. Explore this historic building and discover a hidden gem in the city’s vibrant comedy scene. Embrace the laughter and connect with fellow comedy lovers at The Beury Building.

Voltage Lounge

Voltage Lounge is a popular nightclub known for its energetic live performances, but it also occasionally hosts comedy shows. Step into this electrifying venue and witness comedic acts that will leave you in stitches. Dance, laugh, and immerse yourself in the pulsating atmosphere of Voltage Lounge.

With this comprehensive guide to the best comedy spots in Philadelphia, you’re equipped with all the information you need to embark on a laughter-filled journey through the city. Whether you prefer top comedy clubs, alternative venues, college campus shows, open mic nights, festivals, theaters, casinos, music venues, or nightclubs, Philadelphia has something to offer every comedy enthusiast. So, gather your friends, prepare for an evening of non-stop laughter, and get ready to discover the thriving comedy scene in the city of brotherly love!